Hands On Therapy

sexy chat ginger1She came to me because she was conflicted. Happily married yet finding herself suddenly attracted to women. It was our first meeting and she was a little shy at first, but I just spoke softly, trying to put her at ease as I jotted down notes. Slowly she began to open up more about these feelings she had been having. The face that was blushing at first was now soft and her eyes had a mist as she talked in a low voice. Her breathing became shallow and the pulse at the base of her neck began to throb. Encouraging her to continue she began describing in detail the firm and full body of the woman that had gotten her attention. She described the curve at the base of her back where her tight and firm ass curved outward. She told me about the firm bounds of flesh on her chest and how she could clearly make out the outline of the nipples through her shirt. She told me how she longed to kiss the base of her neck and slowly work her way down to the nipples that were teasing her senses. I got up slowly while she spoke and lowered the lights in the office before walking to the radio and putting on some soft soothing music. I fully understood her desires because from the moment she stepped into my office I felt the same jolt of electricity, the pull toward her exotic beauty. I walked around the back of the chair that she was sitting in and placed my hands on her neck, sensually I began to rub her flesh. She stopped speaking for the briefest moment and I asked her if she wanted me to stop. Shaking her head no she continues as I moved my hands down the front of her blouse, gently cupping her breasts. she drew in a breath and began to moan softly. Moving around to the front of the chair I began undressing her while she continued talking.  In no time I was kissing the beating pulse at the nape of her neck before moving to her full mouth. We came together easily she needed this release. She needed to feel the soft and tender embrace of another female. We have had many sessions since then and she plans on bringing her “crush” in with her soon for my special brand of hands on therapy.

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