He saw me thru the window

best phone sexHe saw me thru the window when I was changing my clothes but I didn’t care, I let him watch me. Why not? His wife is always gone so I know the poor man must be sexually frustrated, I just don’t get how a wife could leave her man like that! I acted like I couldn’t see him and laid down on my bed and spread my legs so that he could get a great view of this juicy pussy while I rubbed it. He liked that a lot and I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was stroking his cock. It was so hot knowing that I was getting him off just by rubbing my pussy, just thinking about it had me squirting in no time! I made sure that I gave him plenty of time to finish too then I looked up and winked at him. He was surprised but I obviously didn’t mind him watching so he just waved back at me all red faced, it was so cute! I hope next time he can just come on over here!

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