He was watching me all day long

naughty neighbor pornMy neighbor was watching me all day long yesterday, I could feel his eyes on me no matter where I was! It started when I was outside getting some sun, he was in his backyard too staring at me. And when I went inside he did too, he went from window to window in his house, changing rooms when I did, I could see his curtains twitching! I wasn’t even doing anything sexy, it was crazy! I figured if he was gonna spend the whole day staring at me, I might as well give him something good to look at so I went upstairs and put on something sexy. When I came back down, I opened all the curtains wide and started stripping, his curtains were shaking, at one point he almost pulled them down! By the time I started masturbating he gave up all pretenses of hiding and just flung his curtains open so that I could see he was masturbating too. We even came together! I’m hoping next time instead of just watching me, maybe he will come over for some real fun!

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