Help Me Suck Off My Man

Hot sexy womanYes, you heard me correctly. I want you to be the good little loser bitch boy that you love to be to me and get on your knees and use that mouth of yours to help me suck off my boyfriend’s big throbbing cock! I know you feel super fucking lucky that I am even giving you the blessed privilege to be able to engage in such a sexual act with me, especially when my man is involved! You’re such a fruity ass bitch boy and have been begging for months now to taste how delicious his dick is, especially after he’s done fucking me while it’ still dripping in my pussy juices and creamy cum! I know your sweet spot is to be my cuck that does anything that I say and allow! I’m gonna be sucking and stroking his shaft and I want you to deepthroat his large balls while they smother your face! Fucking suck on them, spit on them, juggle them around with your tongue. You better fucking impress me and show me why I made the good decision to let you indulge in my boyfriend’s perfect manhood! I control that little worm between your legs, the only exciting thing in your pathetic and disappointing life is me! I give you purpose! You’re addicted to me so give me your sweet surrender and guzzle my man’s cock cream down your throat!

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