Her Boyfriend

Hot sexy woman

I got into a stupid fight with my sister. She really knows how to push my buttons. She said that I stained her favorite t-shirt, and I saw the dried cum stain on the Guns&Roses T-shirt. I started laughing because she was so mad, but she would be furious if she knew whose cum stained the shirt. I’ve been fucking her boyfriend for months. He likes to cum on my face and some of it dripped on the t-shirt. She yelled at me, her face red with anger and I stood there thinking about all the times I sat on his face. I wonder if he licks her pussy like a madman too. I’m a homewrecker, a side chick. It turns me on when a dumb girl kisses her man and she tastes my cunt. I always want what doesn’t belong to me. When I see a cute couple showing lots PDA it makes me wet because I want the guy between my legs.

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