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Best phone sexThe way your hot cum felt entering my cunt deep as I sat on your cock is unlike any other feeling I have ever had before. The hotness filling me up. You cock pulsating sending surges of cum deep deep inside my tight wet shaven pussy. Big thick hot globs. I love your cum. The way your face looks when you finally give me what I’ve been craving. The moans you make. I made that happen and it feels so good. You picked me up, still inside me and laid my body down on the bed. Thrusting your long cock back into me slowly a couple more times, packing your prized cum back in me deeper and deeper. When you pulled out, a little cum came with you. Luckily for me, you know how much I crave it, so you used the head of your cock and pushed the glob back in me deep, making sure it wouldn’t come out again. Thank you, baby. Now I could get dressed for my day, put on my panties and know I have your cum in me all day makes me feel like your nasty little cum whore, and I love it.

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