Humiliating a Sissy

Forced Crossdressing

I brought a guy over to my house because I was feeling a little wild. In the mood for punishing a little sissy boy, I lured him onto the bed. When a sexy woman ties you up, you don’t argue. I tied each of his hands to the tops of my bed posts while he was facing down and on his knees, almost like he was bowing. Then, taking the nylon rope, I tied each of his legs so they were stuck in the kneeling position. His ass stuck out behind him as I blindfolded and gagged him.

Now he was worried, I could tell, as he said tried to mumble something, but the gag muffled his words beyond recognition. He was entirely naked, but now that he was immobilized, it was time to have some fun. I took a strapless bra big enough to fit his broad chest and hooked it onto him. What a pretty girl he made, hehe. I even took some of my blush and made his cheeks nice and rosy. He tried to free himself from the restraints, but to no avail. What a wimp! Grabbing a jeweled butt plug, I made his asshole shine with some feminine bling. Taking a nice, leather crop, I spanked him until his cheeks were neon red as he screamed through the gag. Now that I had my fun, I reached down and started stroking his cock until he was hard. I kept massaging his shaft until he came in my hand, after which I pulled out his gag to force feed him his own cum. I loved humiliating him!

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