I Am Your Goddess Renee


Domination phone sex

Listen here motherfucker I want you on your goddamn knees, and I don’t want you to say a motherfucking word without my permission. This is your mistress Renee, and I want you to behave like you’re supposed to put your fucking head down on the motherfucking heel of my foot. I want to step on you that’s what I’ve got in mind tonight. Do you think you deserve a kind nice little fucking flower because if you think you do motherfucker, you’re wrong? What you deserve you stupid fucking nothing of a man is a bitch to treat you like a nobody you need to be treated like you’re worth nothing because you are worth nothing. You don’t have value Tiny Dick, you and your tiny fucking cock just irritates me I’ve had enough of your behavior, and I’m figuring you need to be taught a lesson. I’m going to walk all over your fucking body I want you to lick my feet clean I want you to stick your tongue in between each one of my beautiful goddess toes. Take your time little man you’ve got all day. I’m going to put you on a leash and make you pay for being such a disgusting piece of shit. You don’t deserve me you know you don’t deserve the treatment that I give you, that I bless you with. You need to tell me just how worthless you are, wow you are begging me to punish you. I want the leather leash wrapped around your neck like the fucking low life trash pet that you are. Tell me I’m your goddess, thank me for the way that I’m treating you because without me what worth what you have. I’m going to take you around people so they can see that I have you trained well and if you speak without my permission, I’m going to fucking beat you into submission. I hope you understand me; I hope you’re ready to do every fucking thing that I tell you without question. I will reward you when you please me I will let you lick my pretty sexy steaming hot goddess pussy, but there’s so much you’ve got to do for it. Now tell me are you ready to be my slave? Can you handle the heat of a real mistress?

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