I gave him exactly what he needed

best phone sexMy neighbor’s wife is crazy, she treats her husband like shit and never fucks him and he has the best dick I’ve ever seen! All the ladies in the neighborhood talk about him, we all have seen that bulge and just can’t understand why his wife is such an uptight bitch. Anyway, she went out of town for the holiday and left him there all alone so I was definitely not going to pass up that opportunity! I dressed up all sexy and went over to his house and just straight up told him I thought it was awful the way she treated him and that I was there to give him what he so clearly needed. He was surprised but willing so we went back to his room and I pulled that massive cock out of his pants and sucked it as deep as I could take it. Then I pushed him back on the bed and fucked his brains out! I never saw a man cum so hard before! He was practically screaming he came so hard! Now we have an understanding, that big dick is all mine whenever I want it, I have a feeling my neighbor just became a much happier man!

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