I Have a Huge Ass Fetish

ass fetishHe had an ass fetish. He was in the right place because I love anal sex. I met him at the gym. He was wearing tiny gym shorts doing squats in front of me, so I could see his cock poking through the side of his shorts. I could tell he was hung. He was definitely built, which I like too. He was checking me out, but he was showing off for me more. If it wasn’t for the fact that he looked to be about 9 inches soft, I may have ignored his bravado. But, I was horny, and he was hung, so I invited him home with me. He informed me he was hoping my back door was open for fun. Since he had a nice cock, I was more than willing to be his ass sex porn star. I don’t just let any guy fuck my ass. I don’t just let anyone fuck me period.  I was feeling kinky. Because he was so thick and long, I needed some lube before he went up my pink asshole. I went into the kitchen and returned with some olive oil. I lathered up his cock and sat on it. Holy fuck, he filled my ass up. Been awhile since a cock filled my ass up like that before. He was younger than me, maybe ten years younger. He kept telling me how almost no women want his cock up their asses.  I am not most women though. I am a size queen and a kinky whore. I need a big dick in my ass and pussy. I am a mother a few times over and almost 50. My tight hole days are behind me. As a mature sexy babe, I need a big cock, even in my ass. I think I just found my latest fuck buddy.

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