I Love Comparing You To A Real Man

Small Dick Humiliation

You should feel so privileged that someone as beautiful as me would even talk to you, let alone allow you to look at my tight, amazing body. You are a loser and I love telling men like you how things really are. You have a pin prick dick and can’t satisfy any woman, you need me to compare your oversized clit to a real mans dick. Nothing gets my bald, pink silky pussy wetter than knowing you feel 2 inches tall and have your clitty against a real dick and have to watch me suck it. That is right you aren’t even man enough for me to graze my tongue on that thing. I love making you feed my hungry box with a real mans cock and making you lick the cock as it’s going in and out of my pussy. There are two things you are good for that is your credit card and my amusement. Just remember when you are licking his cock while I am getting fucked when he is ready to ejaculate you will take a small load of that fresh come you pathetic fuck. As you will clean this pussy out every drop and I want to watch you swallow it.

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