I Love The Neighbor Watching Us Fuck

Real Voyeur SexI love my cute heart shaped ass, and I love when a guy comes over to fuck. I wear the cutest and most sophisticated looking set I have. I happen to be wearing a silky pink bra that you could see my nipples with a thin mesh skirt with a matching garter belt. I love leaving the blinds open so my neighbors could look in if they want. I love when people watch me get fucked. I love pulling my skirt up some and have you spank my butt while I lean back and feel you getting hard. I love when you spank my butt and kind of spread the cheeks. You turn me around and undo my garter belt and start kissing me and you put your fingers down there and feel me getting moist. You push me up against the desk in the room and hike up my skirt. I see the neighbor looking out his window watching you fuck me and lick my nipples. I pull you in closer with my heels and you put out and come all over my pretty face. I see my neighbor jacking off and he came in his hand and ate it.

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