It was the best day

best phone sexI had the best day ever yesterday! I went out with this really hot guy, he took me out shopping and bought me whatever I wanted and even took me to get my nails done too. It was so relaxing, I didn’t want it to ever end but towards the end of the day it suddenly got even better. He brought me to this fantastic 5 star hotel, I swear the room was bigger than my whole apartment! We had a fantastic view of the city, I was looking at it when he came up behind me and unzipped my dress right there in front of the window. It was so thrilling to have him undress me right there where anyone looking up could see my naked body, I didn’t care who was watching! We left the curtains wide open the whole time we fucked, all I could think was everyone was watching me and just thinking that made me squirt so hard that I soaked the bed! It was the hottest day ever!

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