I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist

exhibitionist sexI have always been a little bit of an exhibitionist, I love it when people watch me do naughty things and when I can tell that they are masturbating too, that’s even better. My neighbor John watches me the most, he lives directly across the street from me so he can watch me from several different rooms with ease. I leave my blinds up and my curtains wide open and I spend most of my time at home completely naked too so poor John is always walking around with a rock hard dick. I feel bad for him because his wife is a shrew and never lets the poor man breathe! She is stuck up his ass relentlessly, the only time she ever leaves him alone is when she goes to her weekly hair appointment. That’s when I really put on a show for him, I stand close to the windows and run my hands down along my entire body slowly before I start fingering my sweet juicy pussy and the whole time I am watching him stroke his cock. I know I turn him on more than his wife does but he has never tried to come over and fuck me, he only watches and we masturbate together until we both cum. I wonder if that will ever change…

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