Erotic roleplayingFeeling my sweat mixed with your cum was so fucking sexy, I always love this Erotic roleplaying. I always jog a couple of miles around the neighborhood everyday and if I’m lucky, I get a glimpse of you mowing your yard or washing your car. Always topless, you look so fucking sexy. This morning, I finally got up the nerve to speak to you. You said you had noticed me too. Next thing I knew, I was bent over the bench on the front porch and he was fucking me from behind. Grabbing my hips and ramming is hard sweaty meaty cock deep into my sweaty wet cunt. Cars were driving by, but you didn’t care. Just when I thought I couldn’t take more of a pounding, you turned me around, picked me up and had me bounce on your cock while you stood on your driveway. People were honking their car horns and slowing down to see. You laid me down on the hood of your red sports car and fucked my whore cunt until I squirted all over your cock, your shorts and down the hood of the car. I’m going to look forward to these jogs a lot more now!

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