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Fantasy phone sexI want you to just imagine that you were my boyfriend while we have fantasy phone sex together, let’s be honest you never will be but for now let’s just imagine it. Wouldn’t that be sooo nice to be able to have access to my beautiful body at any given time of the day? Don’t you want to be able to brag to all of your friends about how fuckin sexy I am? Well, only in a dream world, sweetie! I love seeing you get lost in your own thoughts about what an amazing life it would be if you were able to be my hott man candy. Sorry but, I have standards. Not only do you not physically fit the bill but neither does that bank account. No broke boys are allowed near me, let alone allowed to be my boyfriend! It’s hilarious how turned on you get when you see and hear me getting fucked by my man, a real man! No bitch boy shall enter inside of this pussy, baby! If I were to let you be my boyfriend for the day you would be my built-in slave. I would have you massaging my feet, cleaning, cooking and everything else while I rest and get pampered like the gorgeous goddess that I am. You’re merely my servant and you know your place so well. Doesn’t that sound like pure bliss & happiness?! Now pay up to play with my naughty curves!

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