Leather and Loving it!

Hot sex womanI got my first leather outfit this week! Bright red and HOT! I look so fucking sexy in it! I also got a little crop! That is a whip! I love the sound it makes when I slap it against my leg! The way it smacks against the leather is so sexy. Every time I hear that sound my pussy gets a little wetter. I wore this leather all day long. I didn’t want to take it off. It just feels to damn good! Now I know exactly what I need. I need some dick to whip! I knew just who to call. Micheal loves to be spanked. And when he showed up and saw me with my whip, he could not get across my lap fast enough. It actually turned me on to spank him! Then I made him clean up his mess. After all. If he makes my pussy dirty. Then he is going to clean it up!

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