Let me tell you a story

sexy hot womenLet me tell you a little bit about my wedding night with my husband. It was perfect, I had worn a long white dress, which I’m sure my mother-in -aw scoffed at. I remember him telling me I looked like an angel. He was soft and gentle; we had long and quick little moments of passion. Over all it was what you would expect and very vanilla. I had resigned myself in believing simple and clean would keep me happy. I did try to spice things up, but my husband was so quick to shut down my ideas. He never seemed to care that we stopped making love so often. This went on for years and then my first lover moved in next door. My hubby often leaves on business. The neighbor worked from home, so I would watch him from my kitchen window as he did yard work or cleaned his pool. I started out subtle bringing him water or lemonade when it was hot. I would then go home and pleasure myself to the fantasies I concocted in my head. Finally, I worked up the nerve to invite him over and soon found myself in his arms almost daily. I discovered wonderful new experiences and I haven’t stopped stepping out since. To be honest my marriage has been happier since I started finding my satisfaction elsewhere.

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