Library then bust

hot sexy woman

Sitting at the library, I see him looking at me. We exchange glances and flirts. I see him get up. As he walks past, he leaves a note on the table by me and walks somewhere down an isle.

“If you’re interested, take off those pretty pink panties and leave them in the chair with your address.”

Well, how bold. I like that. My pussy starts dampening as I consider the notion. A complete stranger, with my address….Fuck it. I turn the torn piece of paper over and scribble out my address, slip my panties off from under my mini skirt, and leave them on the chair, damp with my excited juices.

The rest of the day I can’t focus thinking about what this mysterious, handsome stranger is going to do. When he’s going to do it.

I get home that night, go inside, start for my stairs. Suddenly, a hand over my mouth, a strong arm around my body.

“Shhh. the safe word is “violet”, otherwise, play along, and we’ll have some fun.” A husky male voice breathes softly into my ear.

My heart’s pounding, my cunt is flowing. I slow my breath, and nod. I feel his arm release my waist, he slips a blindfold over my eyes, and replaces his hand with a gag, I think it’s my own panties from earlier. I can taste myself on their cloth. My pussy is surging, my nipples pulled into hard peaks. Binding my hands at the elbows, he leads me upstairs, to my bed, and throws me down. I feel the cold steel of what I think is a knife run gently down my throat, slicing off my top, moving down, doing the same to my denim mini skirt.

He slides his fingers over my super hard clit, rubbing circles, making my body jerk. I gasp as he slips them into my love hole, and starts finger fucking me till I squirt hard all over his hand. I nearly cream again when he buries his face in my hot, wet cunt.

His cock felt amazing when he pressed it into my little asshole, and started fucking the shit out of me, spanking my ass with out mercy, leaving my ass gaping, and dripping with cum.

Why don’t you call me, and tell me what happens next, lover?

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