Love It When You Call Me Daddy

Cuckold phone sexI know that your perverted ass just finds it so hott that I make you call me Daddy, don’t you?! Yeah, that’s right, my ass owns you! Imagine being my pathetic cuck, the one that caters to my ever need. Now keep stroking that fucking hard ass cock for me! But did you really think that I would be talking to you all for fun? Haha, the answer is no, I would never! See you may want me as bad as you do but I only want you for your cash, cold hard cash! Money bitch sounds so much better than pay pig, don’t you think?! You not only think about me but you live and work for me, you have dedicated your entire existence to me! Call me Daddy while you tell me how much you love me! Tell your Daddy how rock fucking hard I make your dick! All my men treat me so well, wouldn’t you love that honor! Sex with me is so amazing, you need a bad girl like me to blow your mind!

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