Maid Wanted

Small dick humiliationPull down your pants, let me see what you’re packing. Oh my God! Is that it? LOL! Seriously, you have the cock of a two-year old. There’s no way you could please me with something that small. You look like a female with a huge clit. I think you should be a female, and you should be my personal french maid. Put this French maid uniform, it’s your perfect size. Let’s put red lipstick on your lips and this blonde wig on your head. Look in the mirror you look like a real bitch. Now start cleaning, I want my house spotless. I need you to vacuum, dust, wash dishes.  Don’t act like a dumb bitch you know how to clean from top to bottom. And when you’re done cleaning I’m having male guests coming over and it’s your job to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. I want you on your knees with one of their cocks in your mouth at all times. If my guests want to fuck you…you bend over and give them some boy pussy. That’s a good bitch. Don’t let me down.

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