Mature or Experienced?

Mature phone sex

Every now and then I need that guy, that mature guy who I don’t have to show anything to, that I don’t have to train or instruct. I got to have such an encounter recently. He knew just the right places to touch and tease, so fucking hot.
As soon as he saw me he was kissing my neck and sliding my shirt and bra off but dragging his hands over all of me as he took each item off. My nipples were rock hard and my pussy was already pulsing and throbbing like mad. When it came time to fuck, he wasn’t like a jack rabbit like the younger guys tend to be, he fucked me with control and purpose. It didn’t take much of his expert hands to getting me cumming all over his cock. Finally, at the end, he flipped me over and fucked the hell out of me and we came together. Ah, sometimes you just need that mature guy to fuck you silly.

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