sissy humiliationHello bois it is I again your Goddess.    I was just thinking about the time I took My pet to a party wearing only a butt plug, his collar and leash.  four of My girlfriends and My pet.  We walked him around on the leash, mocking him and his dick, hummilating him.  for the night we nick named him doggie bitch, laughing at him as he barked  crawling around on all fours humping the furniture.  We gave him doggie dishes and walked him out side to piss .  All My Girlfriends and I were so turned on by his humillation as he blushed acting like a good doggie bitch, My one girl friend leaned over and started kissing Me, I could not help but kiss her back shoving My tongue in Her mouth.  Before I knew what was happening it was a foursome with doggie bitch watching as he jerked of that little dick of his.. It is a memory that will stick with Me for ever

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