Mutual Masturbation Stories Done Right

Mutual Masturbation StoriesWhen I’m home alone after a long day at work, I love to call my girlfriends and share some mutual masturbation stories. I often put on something sexy after I take a long hot bath, lay on my king size bed, and pick up the phone. We all have three way calling, and can talk with lots of girls at the same time. My friends are more than happy to listen. I like to start the conversation by telling them exactly what I’m doing to myself. And that they should do the same. I say that I’m lying on my back, legs spread apart and I’m running my hands over my nipples, down my stomach and over my bald mound. I use two fingers to spread my pussy lips apart just far enough to expose my pink clit and gently start to rub it with one finger. Then, I slowly slide another finger into my already wet cunt. I start out slowly and passionately. Making love to myself with every finger, one at a time. After each finger has been inside of me, I bring them up to my mouth and suck them completely clean. My soft, tight cunt tastes like the sweetest nectar. I can hear my friends moaning on the other end of the phone lines, already getting off with the story I’ve been telling, and touching themselves like I’ve told them to. I continue by telling them to get their favorite toy and turn it on. I hear a rush of vibration and the sound of soft moaning. As I tell the girls how I’m fucking my wet little tight hole with my big dildo, I start to feel a rush of heat in my clit. My orgasm is almost here. My body starts to shudder and my legs shake. My cunt tightens and contracts so much that I push my vibrator right out of my dripping wet pussy. The sound of the other girls cumming is going to make me cum even harder. I push the dildo back into myself hard and fast. Slamming it deep into my cunt. I start to cum so hard that I can feel my cream run down onto my asshole right before I gush out a huge squirt of cum from my fuckhole. I love mutual masturbation.

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