My Ass Fetish Student

ass fetishOne of my male students has an obvious ass fetish. He is not too coy about it either. He was suspended from the football team last year when he got discovered in the women’s locker room sniffing the spankys of the cheerleaders and the panties of the female athletes.  If he had not been naked and obviously turned on by the special stench of women’s undergarments, he may not have gotten in so much trouble. Even in my classroom, I catch him dropping something accidentally on purpose so he can smell the panties of the girls in my class. He thinks he is sly, but I am on too him. He flunked a quiz because he cheated recently. I could have had him suspended, even expelled because he has been in trouble before. I had him stay after class. He was nervous about his punishment. He knew I could have him kicked off the team, even out of school and ruin his future NFL career. I made him squirm a bit because, well it is fun to tease the animals. I love having my hot ass worshiped, so instead of banging erasers, this young  boy will be licking my fine ass for an her after school until May. You should have seen the look on his face when I told him to get on his knees as I bent over the desk. He buried his face between my ass cheeks and took a big inhale before he slid my panties to the side and licked my taint. He then shoved his tongue deep in my ass like it was his cock. He is such a great brown noser. I love making boys my slaves. Guess that makes me a naughty teacher! Are you an ass man too? If so, I have a hot mature ass for your face. Get to licking boy.

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