My Golden Pedicure

Foot fetishesSo I have very particular Daddy that I spend time with. He buys me gifts and make sure I have the very best of anything I want. In return I do whatever he wants me to do. Well he took me out for a spa day which is normal he really like me to wear sandals because he loves my feet, so I very often go out and get a pedicure. This time he had very explicit instructions for me to follow. He observed the whole time which was different, he watched as the scrubbed and massaged my feet. He picked out this lovely shade of pink they delicately painted on. He patient sat with me while I finished up with the rest of my visit. When leaving I ask if we were going anywhere special he just shook his head and said we were going home. I shrugged and didn’t push further. We arrived back at his condo and he had a cute little bikini laid out for me as we walked in. He instructed that I put it on and meet him by the pool out back. It was a adorable fit in pink, with a cute skirt attachment. He always has great taste. When I went out to the backyard I was only semi startled that he wasn’t wearing any clothes. I giggled and he turned around his big limp cock started to harden as he walked towards me. He smiled and offered me a spot to lay out in the sun. As I laid down and got settled he stood at the end of the chair staring at my feet. He took his cock in his hand and slowly started to stroke it. He then told me I was about to get really wet, which I giggled. I had no idea he meant he was going to start peeing all over me. I felt the warm stream start hitting my feet, I wriggled my toes as it start running between them. He continued to started up my legs and aiming for my pussy. It was warm and wet, I got goosebumps covering my arms. I laid back and smiled allowed him to do what he wished.

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