My Hobby is Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is a hobby for me. For decades I have been shaming small dicks. Too many women won’t tell a man the truth. I am not afraid to deny a guy with a small wiener access to my pussy. I will not lay there like a dead fish counting ceiling tiles until it is over. I won’t fake illness or lie to get out of fucking a man who doesn’t meet my standards between his legs. I am not a ball buster, more of a wakeup call girl. I tell men what they need to hear. What they should have heard from other women. I met Aaron at a party over the holidays. At the time he was in a relationship. We clicked and have been texting. I won’t be the other woman. I demand to be front and center. Once he severed his relationship, we went out. It was a wonderful date. The second date, however, was a disastrous. I was ready to fuck, so was he; but when he took his pants off I saw his small cock. This handsome, educated and great guy had a micro dick. I just couldn’t fuck him. It was a major disappointment. He needed some of the phone sex therapy I give my callers. I like Aaron. He is everything a man should be, accept endowed. I told him we could date, but we could never fuck. He never met a woman like me before. He was in for a treat. I talked about cuckolding him. He was unfamiliar with the term. I guess his prior girls just went through the motions because he is handsome and wealthy. I won’t sacrifice my sexual pleasure for a small dick. After a couple hour debate, he succumbed and ate my pussy for an hour. Men with small dicks have some purpose in my life.

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