My Wet Mess

Best phone sexI am in need of a repairman, My sink is busted and water is leaking everywhere. Can you fix my leaky faucets? Maybe bring something big with you just in case things get really wet and you need to fill up all my pipes until they are fixed. There is no need for knocking. I want you to walk right in, just be careful not to fall. The floor may be a wet mess by the time you get here. You may even want to bring a change of clothes with you. With all this wetness you will definitely get wet yourself. You won’t be doing this alone! My sink has done this so many times I will be right there with you, watching everything you do. I will also make you something to eat. I am sure after all the hard work you are about to put in, you will be hungry once you are finished. We will probably both be really dirty. I have a nice shower we can get into once we are all done. You will leave my home knowing I show my appreciation very well for a great job done. Everything is getting wetter and wetter so please hurry!

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