Naughty Teacher and Her Favorite Pet

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher goes both ways! I have quite a few female students I enjoy sexually too. Amanda is a top pet of mine. She has been for a few years because she has the tastiest cunt. It’s a young bald pussy. It tastes like cotton candy. Amanda was hot for teacher the first day she sat in my class when she was a freshman. Smart girl; didn’t need tutoring, just wanted alone time with me. At that time, she was a bi curious coed. Now she is a full on lesbian sorority girl who is still hot for teacher. She is a senior now, but she still comes by my office for a little Sapphic love. She has some coed lovers, but she needs a mature sexy babe to get her off the best. I taught her how to eat pussy and ass. She has only gotten better with time. I hate the fact that she will be graduating in the spring. It will be hard to replace her sweet cunt. When she stopped by to say hi, I locked my office door and we got naked on my desk. Kinky games with rulers and strap-ons lead to two hot squirting pussies. Amanda will always be one of my favorite teacher’s pets.

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