Naughty Teacher Farah is Excited for Back to School

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is excited that school starts back soon. I have been enjoying my summer, but I love checking out the Freshmen class. Every school year, I get to enjoy the new school talent. Not every young stud is interested in a mature woman, but the majority are MILF fans. What is not to be a fan of? I am sexy and horny. Young boys love fucking an older woman. Most freshmen are not virgins nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they have much experience. Young girls know nothing about giving head and fucking. Not yet at least. Like a young man, a young girl needs some one older to make her cum and teach her how to be a good lover. My freshman orientation includes sex education lessons. If the student is lucky, I give him some private tutoring. I look forward to freshman orientation every August. The way I look it, I can size up the new meat and they can size up the sexy babe who will be teaching them in the Fall. Last freshmen orientation I picked up two young studs with big cocks who were just waiting for a hot mature woman to show them how to get the best use out of those big dicks. I can suck circles around freshman girls.  Are you ready to go back to school?

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