Naughty Teacher Loves Being Back at School

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher is back in action after the Thanksgiving break. I was only off campus 5 days, but I missed the cocks of some of my favorite students. I am a mature slut. One man has never been enough for me. I hit my sexual peak around 38 and I have not slowed down. Some of these frat boys I fuck say they can’t keep up with me. One of the benefits of being a woman is that we can cum and cum again with no downtime in between. I made sure my Monday office hour appointments were back to back. I have four teacher’s pets this semester. Technically, I have 6 because two are pretty young coeds. I like pussy too, but cock more. Each one of my male students had an appointment to see me about my shaved wet pussy about an hour apart. An empty pussy is a horrible thing.  If my big oak desk could talk! I am giving these college boys an important education. They are all receiving training on lasting to please a woman as well as tips on how to please a woman. Maybe it isn’t what their parents are paying for but knowing how to be a good lover is more important than Psychology 101. I taught my afternoon class with cum leaking out my pussy and ass. I am so glad school is back in session. College boys are great fucks for sexy mature women.

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