New Man

best phone sexI was so surprised you’d fuck and steal your son’s girlfriend like you did. I was staying over with him when I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink. We had just fucked a few hours ago before falling asleep. When I walked out of his room and to the kitchen I saw you with your cock in your hand, jacking off to my graduation photo. What the fuck? When I called you out about it, instead of being embarrassed that you were caught, you told me that if I left your son for you, you’d kick his ass to the curb and you’d be my sugar daddy. I was shocked and resistant at first, but then I saw how much bigger your cock is than your son and you promised me a brand new white Range Rover! Forget your son. I’ll be your sugar baby. Let’s fuck so loud it wakes him up and you can make him watch daddy steal his girl!


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  1. ron

    Bend over and show me those holes babe

  2. Lesly

    Holy shit girl I love that plump round ass.

  3. Egan

    so hot baby

  4. steve

    I would have done the same thing

  5. quin

    i’d like to steal you next!

  6. Ted

    Fucking hot

  7. Tony

    Hot sexy blog baby.

  8. Walter

    You hot as ass is so tight

  9. Brink

    I want to be your hot older man

  10. Adam

    Such a hot sugar babe!

  11. Nikko

    If you were my son’s girl I would of had my cock in you from the first time I met you.

  12. henrie

    hot blog

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