Phone humiliation with Felecia

Phone humiliation

Phone humiliation is so fun for me. I have a regular who loves it when I make him my personal cuckold. Every week he has a list of things to do. First on his list is to call me and tell me what a pathetic little dick loser he is and how he has to pay women to make himself cum. Second I send him out on the town. He is to go to every bar and club he can get to in one night! He has to take pictures of himself with beautiful women who have turned him down. He has them hold up signs in the photos so I can see that he is exposing himself as a little dick bitch. Humiliation makes my pussy wet. Being able to crush a man because he has a tiny micro dick is so hot. I get turned on by how many women turn him down! Even we he pays them $100 just to talk to him for 5 minutes. He has to tell them he has a tiny cock and that the only way he is aloud to cum is having pictures of himself with sexy women. His phone sex humiliation queen Felecia makes him do it! 

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