Princess Feet

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A pretty princess like me feels awfully sore after spending the day in 5-inch leather pumps. Wouldn’t you just love to lick and suck on my leather pumps before wiggling out my pretty little toes? It makes me so horny when you suck and lick my poor little toes. It feels even better when I rub my aching arches on your rock-hard cock. It’s so soothing when you roll your smooth hard dick along the arches of my pretty princess feet. I love when you worship my sweet feet and lather them up nicely with your tongue and mouth. Don’t you like getting them nice and wet for your sexy princess? Once you get them slippery and slimy enough, I want you to take out your thick cock so I can fully rub and massage my little feet and toes. I love rubbing and pinching at your balls with my wet toes. Maybe I’ll give you a nice dick rub if I’m up to it. I’ll slide my delicate feet up and down your shaft going fast then slow. I want you to cover my sweet pretty toes with a thick glob of cum when I’m done!

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