Private Photo Shoot

erotic roleplaying renee1I know every time he is coming to town that my entire Saturday will be spent with him. My pink pussy is always wet all day Friday thinking about all the new sex toys he will have for me. It is almost as if he buys one of every thing in the store so that he can watch me use them while he walks around the bed snapping pictures. Lights are set up around the room just like a professional shoot and he adjusts the lighting several times to get different shadows and stuff. He is a very wealthy business man from China whose wife refuses to give him the one thing he loves most and that is to watch a woman pleasure herself. He never wants to actually have sex until the entire day is done, the shoot is over, we have used every toy he has purchased. Then he takes me in the bathroom and gives me a bubble bath, running his hands gingerly over every inch of my body before drying me off with a big, soft fluffy towel. He leaves the bathroom so that I can dress then takes me to a very expensive restaurant for dinner. Only after champagne and dinner does he take me back to the hotel to have sex before sending me home with all of the toys we have used that day and a healthy tip. I have never seen the actual pictures nor have I ever asked him what he does with them. I don’t know if he keeps them or if he sells them to other wealthy business men back home whose wives have the same aversion, or if he even develops the film at all.

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