Sensual Ministrations to Prepare for You

Sensual phone sexWhen preparing for any given day, I bathe twice a day. My toilette consists of a long, leisurely soak in a hot bath with just a hint of fragrance. First, using just water, I rub and massage up inside my sweet little puss and ass as far as I can reach. Then, I massage the water and an exfoliating scrub into every inch of my skin until I feel luxurious. After that, I shower off with an in-shower lotion to rinse off. Once I’m finished, I massage 2 different creams into my face and body, and I pat a lovely light oil sheen over my body, ensuring that my little puss and sphincter are both dry as can be. Then, I take the time at my vanity to work on my hair and make up before I put even the first article of clothing on. My fragrance of choice is dabbed lightly behind my ears, my knees, and at the pulse at the base of my throat. Any man who chooses to enjoy my sensual pleasures will be treated to the delicacy of all of these ministrations, along with my tender ministrations to his own body. Are you ready for such luxury and bliss?

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