Sexy babe Anabelle gets Cream

Sexy babe

     As a person from Britain who has not been in this country for very long, I can say that the first thing I noticed is how horny I have become since I relocated here to Maine. I don’t know what it is but this particular day on the way to my favorite coffee house, I spotted you typing away on your mini notebook. Your smile was charming and light and I wanted to brush up against you just to have something to say to you. You nodded at me and went back to whatever it was you were doing. But I wanted something more a little bit more of stimulating conversation and most importantly with the way you looked that day I was thinking of course how great and man size your fruit was. I imagined the grapes that hung there were so mouth-watering and even though I didn’t know you I wanted to try to taste them. You looked at me again and I tried to stay busy with my cell phone, it wasn’t easy because all I was thinking about was how fast I could get you back to my place to fuck the hell out of you and I didn’t even know you! But ,I was working on cobweb dreams here because that was the last time I had had some. It seemed to be ages ago. You were just the right bit of a fun I needed to start anew in this country!

     Gathering my belongings and heading away, you turned and looked at me with all the things that you wanted to say but didn’t. I wanted to get going but something was drawing me near you. I don’t know what it was but I was going to have a conversation with you if my nerves would just allow it. I was so happy to see that the invitation was so inviting and I sat with a nervous glance. I said.”Hello I am Anbelle.” That’s all it took for the words to sing and then we began to converse. You told me you were a married professor at Yale and your wife was out of town. That’s the only invitation I needed, and soon we were leaving for your place. We spent  the rest of the night chatting and dancing in your apartment. When you took me in you arms I felt the gentle caress of hands against my nipples as you raised my hands higher. It was so sweet and so warm. Turing me around, you put your hand on my chin, and pulled me closer to you to feel  our tongues dance together, it was so hot and I wanted you then. All of you inside. I lifted my skirt for you but, you had better plans this would be a night of talking , showing, massages and lessons. You told me your secret fetish of wearing diapers, controlling your cum, and me on the floor beside you barking like a dog while you fucked me! I didn’t think that strange and so we began our dance of turn on and pleasure that lasted until the dawn.

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