Sexy Babe Is Too Hot For Slumming

Sexy Babe

When you are a sexy babe, you turn heads wherever you go. I was at the drugstore last night picking up a few things, including a bottle of wine. The guy checking me out was totally checking me out. I don’t date guys who wear name tags. That would be slumming. Now, there was a hot older man behind me giggling. He whispered in my ear, “Like he has a chance.” He understood. The guy behind me was the one I wanted. He had on an expensive suit and a Rolex watch. His shoes looked like Italian leather. He smelled like money. He smelled like my next sugar daddy. He walked me to my car, then asked if I wanted to have a drink. I thought about playing hard to get, but I was horny, and he was hot and rich. Turns out he is just in town for a week for business. He had a penthouse suite in the nicest hotel downtown. He fucked me up against the big glass window from the 25th floor. I had such a lovely view of the city as he hammered me from behind. He was a stud and quite the lover. No way a guy in a name tag could have fucked me to four orgasms.


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