Sexy Babe Next Door

sexy babe

I’m that sexy little Lolita that lives next door to you. I always catch your eye as I’m sunbathing in my back yard wearing only a tiny pink bikini. My little breasts taut against my chest as I stretch and get comfortable under the bright sunny sky. You watch me every day while I’m catching up on my tan lines over summer break. But what you don’t know is that I purposely lay out there in perfect view of your balcony. I can feel your eyes staring down at my sexy little body. And I can hear you when you begin to masturbate so hard that you cum all over yourself just above me. I slowly reach down and slip my fingers beneath the small swatch of fabric between my thighs, letting you see the ripple of my fingers rubbing back and forth up and down my juicy little clit. My back arches into the sun chair as I slowly begin to slip my fingers deep into my sugar hole moaning just loud enough for you to hear me. I want a man to cum over and stick his throbbing cock in my wet little pussy. Make me moan out your name loudly and tremble with pleasure as you stretch out that tight little cunny until your heart’s content.

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