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Sexy babe


Men dream of having a sexy babe like me on their arm. My husband loves to parade me around in front of his friends and colleagues and show off what a hot wife he has. I look like the perfect submissive little trophy wife who will do anything to keep him happy and his wallet open. They have no idea that behind closed doors, I am the one in charge. I’m the dominant partner here and he submits to me and my every desire. Fucking lots of men with huge cocks and spending their money is what pleases me, so he lets me. His friends and the men he works with have no idea how hard he gets me he sees me walk in late at night with my hair mussed up and my makeup smudged. He practically runs to me and drops to his knees to lick my freshly fucked pussy. He laps up another man’s cum from my cunt and he’s hard as fuck the entire time he’s doing. Think of how scandalous it would be if they knew that under his suits and ties he wears to work, he’s wearing a cock cage, a buttplug, and women’s panties. They have no idea that in his personal life he’s my submissive little sissy cuck husband. I think he even likes sucking cock even more than I do. When he sees my bull’s huge 12″ BBC he practically salivates. He’s such a little fag! Nothing gets him harder than sucking my bull’s cock or taking it up his ass before my bull fucks me. He can ride a big cock better than most women by now, and he can suck them like a pro. He’s been face fucked by my lovers so many time that he barely even has a gag reflex anymore. But no, the people in his life and the men he works with have no idea. I just smile and laugh and pretend to be what they think I am.

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