Sexy Chicks Surprise Boyfriend

Sexy chicksShe was so sexy, and I wanted to taste her. So, I started flirting with her hot and heavy, and by the time we left the gym, we left it together. She stayed the night, and when he called the next morning to tell me he was on his way home, I had the most brilliant plan. By the time he walked in the door, she and I were in sexy lingerie, making out on the couch. Our cunts and asses were bare and facing the doorway, so that the first thing he saw when he walked in was our hungry pussies. He wasted no time in getting undressed and joining us on the couch, running hands over each of our asses as he joined our make out session. Fingers found each pussy as our hands found his dick. We made matters worse by picking the same time to push back and away enough to lean down and share in tasting his cock. He fucked me first, sliding that big dick into my wet, hot pussy. Well, she was the jealous type, and she decided to climb onto my back and put her pussy in his face while he fucked me. We spent the entire rest of the day fucking, and have plans to do it again this weekend!

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