Sexy Legs Wrapped Around His Head

Sexy legs

My boyfriend loves to have me wrap my sexy legs around his head. He can’t get enough of eating out my sweet honey pot. He says it’s the sweetest tasting pussy he’s ever had. I can’t deny him anytime and anywhere we are, if he wants to lick my tasty cunt then I let him. Just last week we were out at the mall and I was trying on some new sexy outfits that he was going to buy me. We were supposed to get them and then go home and have some naughty fun, but he just couldn’t wait. I tried on a tiny little dress and walked over to him sitting there and my pussy was right near his face. Having it so close to his mouth already had his cock twitching. So, he followed me back into the dressing room and ate my little pussy right there. I came so fucking hard for him and it was so hard to keep quiet so that we didn’t get caught!

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