Side chick

GFE phone sexYou get home from work tired as fuck and you come to me instead of your cunt wife. I have dinner for you on the table, plus I look super sexy. After we both have a romantic dinner and a couple of cups of wine, I stand up and start massaging your shoulders, telling you how fucking sexy you are. You stand up and grope me like a real fucking man, bring me close to you start kissing me going down to my neck, then my belly, then you lay me on kitchen table. You tell me, “its time for my favorite desert.” Ummm  I know you love my pussy baby nice shaved and clean. You eat me so good baby don’t stop. Im moaning getting ready to cum and squirt all over your face. Oh my daddy your dick is so hard, you keep me on the table put my legs out and penetrate my pussy with your big heavy juicy dick. Oh yeah daddy fuck me harder.

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