Sissy Humiliation with Our Site Sissy

sissy humiliationSissy humiliation is one of my favorites things to do as a phone sex woman. This company sees a lot of sissies too. No sissy is as pathetic as Sissy Michael, however. She is the personal sissy of our fearless leader, Mistress Levi. One of the many perks of this company, however, is the chance to shame Sissy Michael ourselves. I have quite the sissy fan base, but our site Sissy makes them all look butch in comparison.

sissy maid storiesSissy Michael or as I like to call her, Sissy Fairy Fag, even has her own website so anyone can call and shame her. If you enjoy sissy maid stories, I have plenty to share with you. Sissy Fairy Fag dress up like a princess, maid, pig, bunny and a baby, depending on her orders and mood. She has quite the sissy wardrobe. She goes out in public without shame completing humiliating tasks like buying panties and getting her nails done, even shopping for diapers. They might be humiliating to a real man, but to a pathetic pansy, they are embraced with glee.

best phone sexI have spoken with Sissy Fairy Fag on more than one occasion. She sings little sissy songs and relishes in telling her long history of sissydom. Sissy Fairy Fag deserves shame. First, she is pathetic. Not just for wearing feminine clothing and prancing about in public, but because she has a tiny little clitty stick. I could share photos of her shrimp dick with you, but you cannot unsee it. She frequently poops her panties too. Disgusting, I know. Not like she can’t get to a bathroom. She likes being teased for being a poopy pansy. Hard to believe, right?

sissy maid trainingThe best phone sex is not always pleasant, but it is enjoyable for the sissy. I love teasing and laughing at Sissy Fairy Fag. I also enjoy making her tell me all the humiliating things she has done in her life as a sissy. If you are a sissy, entertain me. I bet no matter how pathetic you are, you still aren’t as pathetic as Sissy Michael!

tease and denial

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