I slid my pussy onto your throbbing cock. We both made moaning noises as you filled my tight pussy completely. You cupped my ass in both hands, your thumbs reaching all the way around my waist, and aided me in setting a rhythm. As I rocked back and forth, my body tensed almost right away, my filled pussy convulsing with my second orgasm of the night. I felt the familiar juices surround your cock, and you rolled me over, looking down as the excess fluids sprayed on my ass with every thrust you took. My legs were wrapped around you, my heels on your back, as I played with my own nipples, you fucked me harder, slamming that huge cock deeper and deeper in my wet pussy. I was so wet, we could hear a splashing noise every time you buried your cock in me. I then twisted around, your cock making a popping noise as it left my slick tight pussy. Now on my hands and knees, my ass positioned up in the air, you slid into me from behind. My pussy was so wet you hit all the way to my cervix, bottoming out and making me scream. I then dropped to my knees and begged for you to cum in my mouth. Then my prize, cum spurting from your cock head, filling my mouth and dripping onto my perky tits. Swallowing, I began to use my finger to scoop up part of your stray load from my tits, licking my fingers with a smacking sound. Don’t you have more for me?Phone chat lines

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