Small dick humiliation

Fantasy phone sexLots and lots of guys come to me for small dick humiliation. They know their oversized clits that some might call a cock is so laughable to me. They know I will tease mercilessly until that little sissy baby is crying. I only take REAL man cock – no less than the lucky number 7 in inches. That thing? It is SO SMALL! I can’t stop laughing, I’d never let that thing touch me. I bet your cum is as pathetic as your mini dickie – judging from the size of your equally measly balls. The closest a fairy faggot like you could ever get to the pleasure of seeing me cum is at the hands of a true man, hung like I need, thick and juicy and fucking me right in front of you. My tiny body takes more cock than a small-minded bitch like you could imagine. Don’t you wish you were blessed enough to fuck me? I know you wish you had a dick worthy of my presence and attention, but it’s only worth a good laugh to me. You’re my personal clean-up crew – so get to licking and slurping up all this cum left over in my cunt from my real big cock man. You know, it’s even still warm.


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  1. rod

    Your juicy tits!

  2. lilman

    will you pick on my lil dickie please?

  3. ryan

    will you please play with my small penis

  4. Brett

    I have a small dick for you to make fun of.

  5. Richard

    I wish I was blessed enuf to fuck u

  6. Miller

    You are so hot.

  7. Frank

    Sexy Hot Voice Baby!

  8. Michael

    Dance on cock sweetheart.

  9. neev

    hot blog

  10. Fred

    that’s one fuckable pussy

  11. Bryan

    I would lick your used pussy so good

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