Small dick humiliation will cost you everything.

Small dick humiliationI don’t know a woman alive who doesn’t prefer a big, fat cock. One of those thick ones with the mushroom head. The kinda cock that can really fill a girl up, make her pussy fart, and leaves behind a creamy froth. That’s what I’m talking about!!!

Some of these men think they are a gift to women. Like we should be thrilled to receive their tiny dicklet. They just make me laugh. Just like my husband, they are worthless. If I am forced to endure such a tiny nuisance, then I should be well compensated. I mean, I want cash and gifts for my enduring kindness to such losers.

Teeny weenies should be kept in a pair of panties. They should be treated like trash, doing the demeaning jobs that real men don’t want. Like licking nasty fat old pussies. Better yet, they should be on their knees like good little sissy faggots. “Say pretty please, little sissy boy.”

Tell me why you should be allowed to be my bitch boy. What can you do for me that no other man can? If you can answer these questions, then maybe I will give that wittle weewee some attention. Failure to please me means that you are destined to a life in panties doing clean-up duty after a gang bang. Which will it be, Mr. Tiny?

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