Small Dick Men

Domination phone sexHumiliating a small dick man is such a delight for me. Brings a smile to my face and wetness in my panties. Laughing at them and publicly humiliate them in front of others. I bring these little dick men around black men and show them how huge a real dick is. I make them stick their tiny dicks right next to one of those huge BBC and compare the difference in dick and balls size. The black men laugh at the little boy dick on a grown size white man. And when small dick men cum it is funny. The little bit of cum that does come out of their small dicks is more like pussy juices. It looks, smells, or tastes nothing like a man with a big dick.


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  1. chris

    ive got one you can humiliate, baby

  2. hank

    i have the smallest dick baby it’s fucking laughable

  3. Dylan

    I have a tiny dicklet Mistress, please make fun of me too.

  4. Ryan

    Hot cuckold will call again.

  5. Samual

    You are a dream to me and I love dreaming.

  6. Shaun

    Your so sexy!

  7. larry

    you’re so hott baby

  8. Yeung

    I have 3 inches for you Mistress.

  9. Frank

    Will you let me fuck you with my little peepee?

  10. Brandon

    My dick is only 3″ hard. You would love it baby

  11. Greg

    I am a small dick loser

  12. lildickie

    i have a little dick

  13. burney

    nice blog!

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