Spanish Mami

 sexy hot womenWelcome home from your business trip papi. I was just here home getting all pretty for you. Putting on your favorite thong, you know the one that makes my butt look juicy, with the sexy corset you brought me from Paris. I love you daddy. I also know you love how my legs look in stockings so here you go your favorite. Plus I curled my hair for you. I love giving you a little dance after you get out the shower and lay on our bed. This latina dances all sexy for you papi. I could just see your big dick getting harder. That makes my pussy so dripping wet, but I love to tease you daddy. I get on top of you grab your dick and rub it on my pussy. Nop not yet wait daddy. I want to rub that big dick on my nipples, and give it some kisses. You cant take it anymore you grab me and bent me over on the bed and you penetrate this pussy so fucking good.

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