stepson fetish

sexy legs

When my husband is gone I have a fetish for my stepson. I have my suspision that the boy isn’t his for many reasons. One he is so hot that all my friends want a piece of my young step son. Secondly and maybe most importantly he doesn’t look zilch like my husband and the biggest reason of all has to be his huge rod. My husband has a micro penis and his son has a massive stallion penis. How is that possible? I have always wondered how did that happen? I’m so not sure but what I am sure about is that I love having him come over and as soon as my husband is out the door zac is in my bed pounding my pussy. I love when he calls me mommy, I know he isn’t mines but I like the taboo aspect of fucking my son. I can feel him slide in my slit and begin to pressure his cock in my pussy. I get wet just at the sight of zac and need his cock at all times. Zac fucks me even when his dad is home watching a football game. I like him filling me and we have been totally playing with fire because we do it raw. In no time zac is going to put a seed in me unlike his daddy.


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